Figi’s Top 10: Football Finger Foods (Part 2)

Halftime has ended and it’s time to kick off the second half of Figi’s Top 10: Football Finger Foods! There’s only a couple of weeks left in the regular season and then…the playoffs begin! Let’s take a look at more great finger foods for your football parties:

Deluxe Nut Mix and Jumbo Cashews6. Deluxe Nut Mix and JUMBO Cashews: sack your snack cravings with this Signature Gift! This gift has five all-time nut favorites! Deluxe Nut Mix is made up of more than 40% Jumbo Cashews; this mix also includes Natural and Blanched Almonds, Blanched Filberts , Large Pecans and Midget Brazils.  Specially selected for size, flavor, and freshness, our Jumbo Cashews are loved for their rich, sweet flavor and smooth texture.  Our Cashews are BIGGER and better than cashews found in stores. They are perfectly salted and sealed in tins right after roasting to maximize freshness. As finger food ideas go, this gift will definitely be a football party ‘game changer’!

Big and Super Big Beef Summer Sausages7. Big and Super Big Beef Summer Sausages: Party-goers will cheer when they taste our Secret Recipe Smokehouse Sausage in a Big 2 Pound Cut, or our Super Big 3 Pounder! Our Signature Summer Sausage harkens back to the taste and quality of an old-fashioned deli. These delicious sausages are slowly hardwood smoked and are made with choice beef and a perfect blend of seasonings. Choose from Original, zesty Garlic, Bavarian Style Beef, or Hot ’n Spicy.  These tasty sausages go perfect with Figi’s cheese, cheese spreads and your favorite crackers, fruits and breads!

What are your favorite football party foods? Share your favorite tailgating recipe with us on Facebook!

California Pistachios8. California Pistachios: another customer favorite for those who like nuts and snacks. Figi’s huge Natural California Pistachios are rich and nutty, carefully roasted and lightly salted for that slightly sweet pistachio taste everyone loves. Their available in your choice of a handsome cotton bag with a holiday greeting, a brilliant red pail or tin, or shelled pistachios in a plaid tin.

Grandstand Gift Variety9. Grandstand Gift Variety: football parties were made for cheese and sausage…and a whole lot more; and there’s where this Figi’s Signature Gift comes in to play. This gift basket is immensely impressive, any way you measure it! Treat your whole football party with this massive gift basket that includes Figi’s Cheeses and Spreads, Smokehouse Sausages, Roasted Mixed Nuts, Chocolate Covered Peanuts, Creamy Chocolates,  Tortes and Petits Fours, Preserves and much, much more! This gift has everything to throw a championship winning party!

Caramel Pecan Clusters10. Caramel Pecan Clusters: here’s another game winning Figi’s Signature Gift to tackle your ‘sweet tooth’. Our Caramel Pecan Clusters are irresistible, with big chunks of crisp pecans wrapped in smooth, buttery-rich copper kettle caramel, and dipped in velvety smooth milk chocolate or deep dark chocolate.  Our Caramel Pecan Clusters are created with incredible attention to quality and taste; they are out of this world!

Overtime! Let’s throw in one more finger food must-have that’s party-perfect!

Bountiful Wisconsin Buffet11. Bountiful Wisconsin Buffet: a big football party needs to satisfy a lot of big appetites. Treat everyone to a taste tour of Wisconsin’s best! What’s truly great about this gift is that it contains cheese and sausage gifts as well as cheese spreads! You’ll be proud to serve up our Snack-sized Summer, Mettwurst, and other sausages, fresh from the dairy snack-sized Colby, Sharp Cheddar, Edam, and other cheeses and our house recipe Creamy Country® Cheese Spreads round out this impressive food gift basket. Available to ship Oct. 14th

If you missed our kickoff, be sure to check out part 1 of our favorite football finger foods too. We hope you enjoy the football season and you’re favorite team does well! Speaking of favorite teams: what is your favorite team? Vote now!

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  1. Alexandra Lloyd

    LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I order every year and am always satisfied but this year I didnt receive my package for the holidays and I dont want it after the holidays. Sharon Mack Steubenville, Ohio 43952

    • Hi Sharon – have you spoke to customer service yet? If not, please send us your contact information to and I’ll get it to our team ASAP. Please include your phone number, and Figi’s order and customer numbers. Thanks for contacting us and please accept our apologies. Figi’s Marketing

  3. Mary Tedesco

    Thank you Figi’s for screwing up my Brother’s Christmas order. You only sent a partial order and then had to blame me for the screw up. I ordered products online and three emails regarding the order. I find it amazing that you called me and left a message at my house. Then one of your customer service folks had an attitude and gave me the phone number for recovery. Oh she was funny knowing you were closed on a Saturday. Hey, the joke is on you…I blogged you on Facebook. I was surprised how bad your service is as many replied they would never use your products again. Count me in for never using you again. You need to teach you employees how to be polite and how to perform service recovery.

    • Mary,

      Thanks for contacting us about this issue. Would you be willing to email me at with your order and customer numbers…or even just you phone number, so we can contact you directly to help resolve this for you ASAP? We look forward to working with you to to fix anything we’ve messed up. I am sorry you had an unfavorable experience with Figi’s so far and I’d like to help. Respectfully, Mike – Figi’s Marketing.

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