National Carrot Cake Day

Carrot Cake
February 3rd is National Carrot Cake Day – and I say “fantastic!”  Well, it’s “‘fantastic!”  if you like carrot cake; and at Figi’s, we do:) It turns out carrot cake has been around since the Middle Ages. That’s almost as long as some fruitcakes that have been re-gifted over the years.  Back then, sugar and other sweet ingredients were both rare and expensive, thus it  most people turned to sweet vegetables, such as carrots, for sweet flavoring. In time, this practice became less common as sugar became more accessible to the masses.

However, this practice resurfaced during World War II as the war resulted in scarcities of many items: including sugar. The British Ministry of Food actively promoted recipes for carrot-filled pies,  carrot cakes and carrot puddings. In fact, many families in the United Kingdom still serve carrot cake on Christmas Day.Carrot Cake Petits Fours from Figi'sFigi’s has had several varieties of Carrot-themed gifts; here is one of our customer-favorites: Carrot Cake Petits Fours.  Yes, your favorite moist and delicious carrot cake is layered with fluffy-rich cream cheese filling and covered in confectioner’s coating. We then hand decorate these Petits Fours with yummy carrots and stripes. These Petits Fours are very popular in springtime, especially around Easter, but are enjoyable any time their available! Order some for yourself today!

Fun Carrot Facts (from

  • The longest carrot ever recorded was nearly 17 feet long.
  • The heaviest carrot weighed 18.985 pounds.
  • Carrots are around 87% water.China is the world’s top carrot producer.
  • The inspiration for Bugs Bunny’s nonchalant, carrot-eating demeanor is a scene from the movie It Happened One Night in which Clark Gable leans nonchalantly against a fence eating carrots while talking to Claudette Colbert .
  • Carrots are a root vegetable believed to have originated in Afghanistan.
  • Carrots were commonly found in the hues purple, white, and yellow – but not orange. Read more how carrots became orange here.

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