Tips for Hosting Easter Brunch – Part 1

Brunch TableWow – it’s mid-April and Easter is just a few days away!  For most of us, a very long winter is finally abating, and it’s as though Easter has sneaked up on us.  It’s time to plan your Easter Brunch and we have some tips, products and recipes to help.  We all know hosting a meal for friends and family can be rewarding; it can also be a lot of work and stressful if you procrastinate or try to take everything on yourself.  Here are a few helpful tips to help your Easter brunch run smoothly.

Plan Ahead:  planning Easter brunch (or Easter dinner for that matter) – ahead of time – will go a long way in helping your event run smoothly, with far less stress.  Lock down your meal time, your attendance list, helpers and responsibilities, meal and beverage menu and decorations as early as you can.

Order from Figi’s:  part of planning ahead includes planning and buying brunch items in advance.  Make it easier on yourself by keeping things simple: Figi’s offers a great selection delicious Easter brunch items items, ready to be served.  We have ham delivery, side dishes, desserts and pastries; plus, a wonderful selection of Easter candy, Easter baskets and Easter bakery gifts.  All of these gifts are already prepared for you – ready to serve; side dishes and hams can be heated, per the directions and serving instructions we’ve included, making prep time quick and easy!   To help you with planning your Easter brunch, we’ve showcased some of our favorite Easter brunch items below.  You can shop our entire Easter brunch assortment here.

Don’t procrastinate:  Figi’s has many great brunch and dinner selections, however, we do sell out of many items the closer we get to Easter, so don’t wait.  Order today for the best selection.  Also, do not procrastinate on purchasing decorations, beverages or items you’re making from scratch.  You don’t want to go to the grocery store a day or two in advance only to find out the items you need are sold out.

Select Figi’s Signature Easter Brunch Gifts:

Figi's Award Winning Spiral HamAward Winning Applewood Smoked Spiral Sliced Ham:  this ham is one of Figi’s most popular gifts and it’s perfect for your Easter traditions.  This is a boneless, spiral cut, ham from the multi sofi Award winners, Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Meats.  It’s a tender and juicy honey glazed ham that’s both tasty and convenient because it’s fully cooked!  The spiral slices are ready to serve or warm in the oven per our heating and serving suggestions which are included.  Make it easy on yourself: let Figi’s handle your ham delivery needs this Easter.

Apple Spice Coffee Cake from Figi'sApple Spice Coffee Cake: as one Figi’s customer put it, “The texture of this cake is more like a wonderful pudding and the spice blend is just right. I “highly” recommend this for anyone who likes apples.” We could not have said it better; this new gift is sure to be a hit at your Easter brunch table!

Almond Custard Coffee Cake from Figi'sAlmond Custard Coffee Cake:  another entry to satisfy your sweet tooth, we’ve crossed pastry rolls with coffee cake for something magnificent!  Delicious flaky danish pastry dough is layered with rich and creamy almond custard and topped off with almond slivers and sweet icing. It’s ideal for Easter brunch, breakfast or dessert!

Smokehouse Brunch Meat from FigisSmokehouse Brunch Meats:  back to the savory side of brunch we go!  This gift is a mouthwatering variety sliced bacon, smoked sausage links, maple and original flavored Canadian bacon and finally, Applewood smoked sausages.  Just imagine the aroma this brunch gift will tantalize your guests with!

Brunch Bread Trio from Figi'sBrunch Bread Trio:  three great tastes, together!  You’re sure to enjoy this assortment of pineapple carrot, blackberry rhubarb and pumpkin walnut breads.  Our pumpkin walnut loaf is topped with an amaretto drizzle glaze; our pineapple carrot loaf  has a pineapple drizzle glaze; and our blackberry  rhubarb has a cinnamon and streusel topping!

Please stay tuned for part 2 of “Tips for Hosting Easter Brunch” where we’ll give a couple more hosting tips and three, yes three, Easter brunch recipes…including a unique spin on Mimosa.  After all, what’s Easter brunch without Mimosa?  Thanks again for reading Gourmet Market.  Don’t forget – you can stay connected with us on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ pages.

Please use the comments field below to share any Easter brunch tips and recipes you have; we’d love to read them!




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