Figi’s Fresh Flavors for Spring Pt. 1

first-robin-spring-cartoonAs spring slowly emerges from hibernation, we’d like to remind everyone Figi’s has a great selection of spring-themed and Mother’s Day gifts and gift baskets to help you with all your spring celebration needs.  Now is the time to order these gifts (and many other Figi’s favorites) as they are temperature-sensitive and will be going on ‘summer vacation’ from mid-May until September.  If you’d like to see our entire selection of ‘last-chance’ gifts, click here.  There you will find our special category of gifts only available for a few more weeks; it’s loaded with your favorite Wisconsin cheese, fudge, petits fours, meat gifts and more!  Get your Figi’s favorites while you still can…

Bakery Gifts:  Many of our Easter and Mother’s Day best-selling gifts are found in our bakery category.  Our entire assortment of fresh and delicious bakery gifts is found here.  Our bakery category has cakes and cookies galore – plus Figi’s favorites like fruitcake, baklava and whoopie pies!  Figi’s bakery gifts are perfect for church socials, brunches, graduation parties – you name it!  Let’s take a closer look at some springtime bakery favorites: Springtime Petits Fours from Figi's

Spring Petits Fours:  If you’re not familiar with petits fours (French for ‘little ovens’), they’re individual, miniature cakes made with alternating layers of yummy cake and buttercreme filling - all coated in tasty icing.  Our spring variety are beautifully hand-decorated and are sure to put a smile on your loved-one’s face.  Buttercreme flavors include spring favorites like key-lime, lemon and orange.

SSpringtime Cookie Variety from Figi'spring Cookie Variety:  A perfect brunch treat or snack any time a craving strikes.  These bright and beautiful home-style sugar cookies are all dressed up for spring!  Our cookie variety includes special icing and sparkling sprinkles; they’re a prefect compliment to your favorite coffee or tea.


Speaking of springtime, are you up for some spring trivia?  Put your spring knowledge to the test with this fun set of questions and answers from Yahoo here.


Happy Birthday Candle Petits Fours from Figi'sHappy Birthday Candle Petits Fours:  Our final bakery recommendation covers spring birthdays.  Figi’s has some very popular birthday gifts to help you give someone special a warm birthday greeting this spring.  Yes, you really can your cake and eat it, too!  The birthday candle and confetti accents on these petits fours make for a very festive – and tasty – gift experience.

Chocolate Gifts:  I find chocolate gifts enjoyable any time of year, spring included.  Figi’s is famous for its toffee, fudge, Chocolate Covered Potato Chips (yes – that’s not a typo – chocolate covered potato chips are AWESOME!), cherry cordials and so much more!  But again, we gently remind our readers to order our chocolate gifts today – they can’t take the summer heat and will soon be unavailable until September!  For our complete collection of chocolate covered gifts, please click here.

Caramel Pecan Clusters from Figi'sCaramel Pecan Clusters:  We take irresistible, big chunks of crisp pecans; enrobe them in smooth, buttery copper kettle caramel; and dip them in velvety smooth chocolate!  Available in scrumptious milk chocolate or deep dark chocolate, their quality and taste make chocolate lovers’ dreams come true!

English Butter Toffee from Figi's - CopyEnglish Butter Toffee: Indulge in Figi’s award-winning pure butter toffee!  Each buttery nugget is mixed with almonds, double dipped in creamy chocolate and topped with toasted almond bits. Choose from either milk or dark chocolate – or both!  Here’s what a Figi’s customer had to say: I have ordered toffee from other places but Figi’s toffee is by far the best tasting. I will continue to make this one of my holiday favorites…  We couldn’t have said it any better!

Gourmet Dipped Celebration Strawberries from Figi'sGourmet Dipped Celebration Strawberries:  Our chocolate covered gifts sell very well throughout the fall, winter and spring; this is especially true of our gourmet strawberries!  These ripe and juicy jumbo strawberries are available in six and twelve counts.  Both varieties are coated with deluxe white creme coating, icing drizzle and confetti candy sprinkles!  They’re very festive…and very yummy! Other chocolate covered fruit includes Chocolate Dipped Apricots; a new gift for us this spring, as well as Chocolate Covered Cherries.

Well, that should be enough to get you inspired…if not hungry:)  In part 2, we will look at some more great gifts for spring, including gifts for Mother’s Day and GraduationThanks again for reading Gourmet Market.  Don’t forget – you can stay connected with us on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ pages.

Please use the comments field below to share any spring gifting or recipes ideas you have; we’d love to read them!

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