Graduation Gifts for 2014 High School and College Graduates

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation season is fast upon us! I can still recall the pride…and sadness I felt watching my daughter graduate from high school last year.  I was so very proud of her and yet, I was awash in memories of her life racing through my mind; I kept wondering “where did 18 years go!?” I imagine many of you have similar experiences, or will, as you prepare for 2014 graduations.  Not only do you have the ceremony to prepare for, perhaps you’re hosting or attending a graduation party?  By now, parents of graduates would have booked a hall or pavilion, created and mailed RSVPs, contracted for food and beverages and purchased decorations.  While Figi’s doesn’t specialize in most of those graduation party necessities, we can help with graduation gifts and food gifts for your celebration.

So, whether your student is receiving a high school diploma, GED, Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree - we’re both honored and excited to help you celebrate your graduate’s accomplishments with special graduation gifts from Figi’s! Here are a few of our favorite gift ideas for the young men and women getting ready to throw their graduation caps in the air this year.

Graduation Memorabilia

Graduation Memorabilia GiftsSpecial memorabilia are a great way to capture a moment in time; a significant milestone – like graduation - can be captured and remembered for years to come. More than simple souvenirs or trinkets, personalized memorabilia serve as treasure keepsakes that spark warm memories and emotions born from the successful completion of the graduate’s great achievement. These are the kinds of keepsakes which last a lifetime!

Personalized Graduation Gifts

Personalized Graduation Gifts | Figi'sA great graduation gift should express your pride in the graduate; both in who they are and in how far they have come to reach this point. You see, it takes great deal of dedication to complete a 4 year degree. Through it all, graduates are often changed by their efforts – shaped by time & toil into someone who is ready to take on life’s new opportunities.

With that in mind, one of our favorite ways to commemorate such a special time is with our personalized wood pen set. Personalized graduation gifts offer a means to tailor your gift to the personality of the graduate, and the pen itself serves as a symbolic reminder to always continue pursuing their education.

Graduation Gift Baskets

Graduation Gift Baskets | Figi'sPerhaps the best gift a graduate can receive is the celebration itself! Whether your graduation party is a grand affair with extended family, friends, gifts & food…or a more intimate gathering of close family and friends, a graduation gift basket filled with delicious snacks, treats, & finger foods is an easy way to get any party started right. Try a hearty snack selection of Wisconsin cheeses & meats, or bring something sweet to share, such as our famous petit fours from Figi’s!

Do you know someone who has or is getting ready to graduate but you’re not sure what to get them? Share with us on Facebook or Google+ and we’ll help you find the perfect gift!

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